I Am Everyone I Meet

I AM EVERYONE I MEET: Random Encounters on the Streets of Los Angeles relates the spontaneous meetings that the author has with many strangers in the city. The LOS ANGELES TIMES states that "The people White talks to, because it is Los Angeles, come from all over the world. This makes the vignettes even more fascinating-the cab driver from Moscow...the Latino man who has learned Japanese... White approaches strangers with humor and respect...and has an instinct for gentleness." THE AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW says "With shutters open a whole world gone missing is revealed in James White's I AM EVERYONE I MEET." The book has 134 pages and is divided into many sections that can be read in any order. James White writes in his introduction that "Seeing the world as filled with strangers who threaten us or seeing it as filled with other people who are like us and who interest us, makes a difference."

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